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Parallel of Martin Luther and Jeroboam – Some Implications

I never get tired of proclaiming the parallels between the history of the Catholic Church and the history of Israel in the Old Testament. The chronological sequence of these parallels makes them all the more astonishing, loaded as they are with implications. There is so much to explore and learn!

Since we have first discovered these chronological parallels in February of 2016, I have quit my day job and have devoted as much time as possible to studying, documenting and demonstrating these parallels. These parallels are truly a work of Almighty God, a Divine Poem. There are hidden treasures all throughout, often in ways that it is very difficult sometimes for me to express in words. It’s all I can do to simply document and display the basic parallels themselves, let alone try to express the profound meaning that is latent inside. There are so many aspects and implications, that it boggles the mind.

Nonetheless, despite the grandeur, complexity and stunning beauty of this act of God, it still can benefit us very much to contemplate the parallels, and to draw meaning out from them. The most obvious kind of distillation is the direct comparison of paralleled events between the history of the Church and the history of Israel in the Old Testament. (There are more complex kinds of parallels, such as the development of Catholic Doctrine throughout history, as paralleled by the Old Testament…. or the parallels between the nature, places and messages of the Old Testament prophets AS A PARALLEL to the various Apparitions of Our Lady and prophecies of Saints throughout the history of the Catholic Church.) But just looking at the primary and most basic parallels, we can gain a greater depth of understanding both of our own Catholic history, and the history of the Old Testament.

Paradigm Shift

For instance, as Catholics in a very modern world, we have inadvertently assumed and assimilated the perspectives of this secular world, to one degree or another. Granted, many of us have resisted this secular perspective with great vigor, and it is very possible that Our Lord will commend us for our efforts, God willing. Others of us, perhaps, know that we have taken in too much of the world around us, and we are actively fighting against this secular perspective, both in the world around us and inside ourselves (often, the battle rages inside our own hearts). Because we are submersed in a toxic secular world, even though we make very great and heroic efforts to see things through the eyes of God, we still might pick up secular and non-Catholic perspectives anyway. It’s hard for a rock not to get wet, when it’s submersed in water!

However, as always and as usual, this pagan world of ours has been out maneuvered, out thought and out played by Almighty God! This modern world of ours was completely foreseen by God…. in fact, it is written into the pages of the Old Testament! The sophisticated, nuanced, progressive world…. this world that is full of itself, which thinks that it is so unique and special…. this same world is paralleled (in chronological order) by events in the Old Testament. It is paralleled first by the Greek Hellenization of the whole ancient world, and then afterwards, by the similar Romanization following the fall of the Greek Empire (we are currently in the Roman period). Thus, we don’t have to be impressed, not even in the slightest, by this modern world. It has done NOTHING good on its own, and in a sense, was predestined by Almighty God (without touching anyone’s freewill). We were, are and will always be dust. The question is, ‘Will we be dust that glorifies God, or will we be dust that glorifies ourselves?’

Look Through the Right Lens

Considering the pedagogical power of the chronological parallels between the Old Testament and Church history, we can really get to know ourselves and our Catholic history (in a deeper way, perhaps) when we learn about the parallels in the Old Testament. This is so, because the events in the Old Testament are seen through God’s perspective, which is the proper lens and perspective. The lens and perspective is often given by the Old Testament author, and there is no confusion about the evil or good of certain events, people and places. Thus, by seeing the paralleled Old Testament event, it gives us a much more secure foundation from which to interpret the events in Catholic history, or even, perhaps in our own times.

As a way of applying this principle… this interpretive power of Old Testament parallels…., let us now turn our attention to the Protestant Revolt led by Martin Luther. It is fitting, perhaps, that we focus on this topic since this month will mark the 500th anniversary of Luther’s revolt. As the Vatican is getting ready to celebrate this anniversary along with Protestants of different stripes and types, it is fitting to contemplate on the absolute horror and destruction that Martin Luther unleashed into the world. Millions and millions of souls have most likely descended into the eternal flames of Hell because of the heresies that were multiplied and amplified by Luther and his successors.

The 10 Northern Tribes Break Away

Northern Protestant Countries Break Away

But, is this the perspective we have of the Protestant Revolt? Do we understand, even somewhat, the demonic mass destruction of human souls that came from Luther and the Protestant Revolt? If not, then let’s look to the Old Testament to gain some perspective!

The Protestant Revolt in the Old Testament

So, before we dive into the Old Testament parallel, I would like to re-establish the veracity of these parallels again. I apologize to the readers who are already convinced of the chronological parallels. Perhaps I worry too much, but until you are convinced that the Old Testament parallels the history of the Church in a sequential, detailed manner, right up to our present day, then my words will seem like speculation. They will seem flimsy, non-conclusive and abstract. HOWEVER, when you become convinced that God caused this to happen, that it is concrete, objective and complete, then a rock hard foundation is set from which implications grow. These budding implications soon grow into the branches of contemplative thoughts, which soon bear the leaves and fruit of conclusions. So, in an effort to convince the skeptic, below is a very, very basic and broad comparison of the two timelines. If the below image does not convince you, then please just spend 9 minutes watching this short video. See this link:

Thus, you can see from the image above (or from the more detailed 9 minute video) that the time of the Protestant Revolt coincides with the book of 3 Kings, and the story of Jeroboam and the 10 rebellious tribes of Israel. So, for many of us (if you are like I was only 2 short years ago) we will need to have our minds refreshed to exactly who Jeroboam was, and what he did!


Near the end of the reign of King Solomon, the nation of Israel was growing in discontent. Although King Solomon’s reign was marked by magnificent architecture, wealth and power of the Israelite Nation, the people were starting to come down from their high feelings and were feeling dis-enfranchised. The taxes that were levied on the people by King Solomon were too burdensome, and the King Solomon’s corruption was on full display to his subjects. Solomon had acquired 700 wives, and they were leading him to worship pagan gods.

Upon the death of King Solomon, Jeroboam approached the new Israelite King, Rehoboam. Jeroboam requested that the king lower the taxes upon the people, and that they would then follow and serve him. King Rehoboam refused to lessen the taxes, and Jeroboam instantly led the 10 northern tribes of Israel in revolt against the King of Israel. We don’t want to get into the details in this post, because they are available through our material. However, we do want to draw out implications, which are not explicitly stated in our material. Check out our video and our web page for all the details:

Martin Luther – Full video:

Martin Luther – Summary video:

Protestant Revolt – Full video:

Protestant Revolt – Summary video:

Web page:

Ok, let’s get into the implications!

Not a Reformation!

I don’t know about you, but I have always felt pressure coming from inside myself (and, to be sure, from Protestants also) to call it “The Reformation”. As the saying goes, he who frames the argument will win the argument. Thus, getting the concept right from the beginning is very important! “The Reformation” connotes a necessary reorganization and adjustment of Christianity. This is why Protestants choose this title for Luther’s movement. Calling it “The Protestant Revolution”, however, has an entirely different connotation. A revolution is an overturning of the old, established order. A revolution is a reactionary event, usually characterized by violence and angst. So, which is the correct term?

The Old Testament gives us great insight! There is no doubt whatsoever that Jeroboam led a rebellion and a revolution! The Scriptures tell us that God allowed Jeroboam to break apart the 12 Tribes, because of the sins of Israel, and especially the sins of the King. But, as the story progresses, the actions of Jeroboam in changing the religion of God’s people was directly repugnant to God. There is no doubt that Jeroboam was revolting against God’s established order and His Covenant. Thus, when we become aware and immerse ourselves in the parallels between Martin Luther and Jeroboam, it becomes much easier to see how the Protestants are in revolt against God and God’s Church.

They are Not My People, I am Not Their God

Of course, it is extremely harsh to say that a group of people are not God’s people, especially a group that talks about Jesus and the Bible as much as Protestants do.

“for I will not add any more to have mercy on the house of Israel, but I will utterly forget them. And I will have mercy on the house of Juda, and I will save them by the Lord their God” Hosea 1: 6-7

The 10 Tribes that rebelled called themselves ‘Israel’, and the southern tribes that stayed loyal to the Covenant called themselves the ‘Jews’. Thus, the above passage indicates that God will abandon the 10 northern tribes led by Jeroboam, but the southern tribes, who stayed loyal to the religion given by God, will not be abandoned by God. The direct parallel is that of Protestants and Catholics. One group abandoned the Holy Religion, and the other group (even though they are sinful) did not abandon God’s Holy Religion.

This analysis of the Protestant religion(s) and their adherents therefor is completely in line with Catholic Teaching concerning salvation through other non-Catholic religions. The Catholic doctrine “extra Ecclesiam nulla salus” (Outside the Church, there is NO salvation) clearly states that those who adhere to Protestantism are on the clear and unmistakable road to perdition. This is clear in the Old Testament by the consequences that the 10 northern tribes suffered. Ultimately, they were scattered and lost their identity completely. Those who weren’t scattered morphed into the Samaritans, who were a group of semi-Israelite peoples who had their ancestry mixed by the Assyrians. Their religion, also, was an amalgamation of Israelite beliefs and pagan beliefs, morphed together.

A Tragic Ending

It is evident from the text that the 10 tribes met with misfortune. As a group, they did not repent of their rebellion, and were led into captivity by the Assyrians. This captivity, unlike the Babylonian captivity of the Jews, did not have a happy ending. The 10 northern tribes were scattered to the 4 corners of the ancient world, never to be heard from again. They lost their native language, customs, beliefs and their very identity. What a horribly tragic way for God’s chosen people to end up! Even if they wanted to, they could not find their way back home, because they didn’t even know who they were!

How much this is like the Protestants in the world today. Some groups of Protestants have kept their beliefs and traditions from transforming too much since the days of Luther. However, these groups are few. Most groups have wandered to the 4 corners of the theological world, and they have lost all there heritage as Catholics. Even if they wanted to retrace their ‘theological steps’, the Protestants sincerely have no idea that they once were Catholics! They honestly don’t know where they came from. Their beliefs are so mixed up with the worldly wisdom from age to age, that to untangle their theology would be like trying to get an egg back in the shell, and to put the shell back together. In other words, it cannot be undone. As a group, they are lost, just like the 10 northern tribes. Only individuals can make it back to their theological home, if they are willing to traverse far and wide.

Can You Think of Any?

There are so many other implications that can be drawn from the parallels between the 10 northern tribes and the Protestant religions. This post doesn’t even scratch the surface. This is only meant to be a teaser, and to get you thinking. Pull out your Bible and read about the 10 tribes and Jeroboam. Learned what happened next. Google it for yourself. What parallels do you see, and what implications stick out?

If this post is interesting, and has caught your attention, then please keep in mind that this topic is only one of many, many other topics. We can examine the parallels between Nebuchadnezzar and Napoleon, Constantine and Moses, Cyrus the Great and Mussolini and so many, many more. You might begin to understand just how potent are these parallels between the Church’s history and the Old Testament! I promise you that this phenomena is like a ‘universe in a bottle’. You can walk right by the bottle and not think too much about it. But, if you stop to look inside the bottle, and pay closer and closer attention, then wonders beyond your imagination will unfold before you. Soon, your whole horizon will be the space of that bottle, but paradoxically, your horizon will be expanded by God in ways you might never have imagined.

Broad are the horizons, indeed.  You are only constrained by Truth, by the teachings of the Catholic Church.

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New 354 Page Booklet Available – Free Download

   Over the last year and a half, we have filled our YouTube channel with a wide array of videos, presenting the parallels between the history of Israel in the Old Testament and the history of the Catholic Church.  We do regret our relative lack of written material, in contrast to the amount of video material that we have produced.  In an attempt to somewhat balance this deficiency, we have compiled our YouTube video scripts into one booklet, which is now available for free download on this website.  The booklet is 354 pages and contains many visual aids, as well as an assortment of timeline presentations.

   There is so much work to do, and we have not even begun to scratch the surface.  In fact, we are severely handicapped by our lack of education, talent, contacts, and finances.  However, we are giving this endeavor our absolute full attention, and are trying our very best to present these astonishing parallels for the faithful to contemplate.  The fact that the history of the Catholic Church is entirely prefigured by the history of Israel in the Old Testament (event by event, and in the same chronological order) is a powerful confirmation of the Catholic Faith.  Please, take this poor booklet, and be more convinced of this marvel.  May God’s graces work through it, and through you, as you seek to convert others to the Catholic Faith!

Here is the link to our new booklet.

Download link (takes you to the download page)

Will You Help Us Research?

Overwhelming! That is a word that describes how we feel about the Old Testament being a complete prefigurement of Catholic Church history. Overwhelming, because there is so much to discover and document. Overwhelming because the responsibility that accompanies such a great gift is very large. Overwhelming because every mistake, shortcut or deficiency in wording or presentation might be the cause for someone to reject these amazing parallels.

We are overwhelmed, but at the same time we are completely satisfied and excited to be working on such a momentous project… however inadequate and unequal we are to the task at hand. Discovering the breathtaking way that the whole history of the Catholic Church is prefigured by the whole history of Israel in the Old Testament has become the mission of our lives.

We first became aware of the parallels between the Old Testament and the History of the Catholic Church around February 11th, 2016. Since then, we have devoted our time and attention to discovering just how much of the History of the Catholic Church was actually prefigured in by the Old Testament. We are amazed to discover that all of it was prefigured!

Since the History of the Catholic Church is not a short or simple history, and since the Old Testament is likewise very rich in detail… then there is a lot of work to do. This is why we need your help! Will you help us research and discover the parallels between the Old Testament and Church History?

We can promise that this is the endeavor of a lifetime! If you are interested, please email us at ‘’. Let us know if you have any specific areas of interest OR, we can give you the areas of history that have the least amount of parallels discovered. We’ll also give you some tips and pointers that have helped us so far, along with any other relevant information. We can brainstorm together via email… and we can piece together more and more, the details of this amazing act of God.

We really do need your help. We are not historians, nor Biblical scholars. We are very limited by the amount and type of our education. In more capable hands, these parallels could reach a new height of glory given to God! Please consider helping us research.

Porta Coeli

Hello Faithful Catholics!

It’s not my intention to use this blog spot as a place to tell personal stories.  However, this one is relevant.

Today, it seems that Catholics who love the Church are in ‘a bit’ of a trap.  Today, the Vatican is doing things that it’s not supposed to do, and a lot of Catholics are wondering how to make sense of it.  This blog spot, and this website in general are dedicated to demonstrating the way that the Old Testament parallels the history of the Catholic Church, even in chronological order.  It is our hope that this website, through the use of this amazing parallel, will show how our current Church crisis is vividly prefigured in the Books of the Maccabees.. and also, what that implies for us today.

But, the demonstration of the complete parallels between Church history and the Old Testament aren’t sufficient in themselves.  Our Lady is the real key, the real solution and our real hope.  Here is a story, a true story, about my honeymoon in Rome.  Our Lady taught me a lesson.  She taught me that she is the door to Heaven, and the way out of Satan’s trap!

Roman Honeymoon

My wife and I were married on the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes.  At Lourdes, the year before, Our Lady turned us around and pointed us back towards God and His Church.  We went to Rome for our honeymoon, and while we were there, we took in the history of our Church.  We were young, and wanted to walk everywhere, so as not to miss anything of the Eternal City.  We weren’t prepared for just how far of a walk the Catacombs were from our hotel.  My wife was a good sport, but her limits were being pushed (a pattern that would continue throughout our marriage).

The golden Roman sun was warming us as we walked for hours to the Catacombs of St. Sebastian.  I had a map, (this was before the days of cell phones and GPS), and was trying to take the most direct route possible.  We entered a narrow road, and were treated by new scenery.  We were walking down a very long and beautiful Italian garden, with landscaped trees and bushes, statues of Saints and the thought that we were almost to our destination.  We were giddy to be in Rome, and to be newly married.  Despite our giddiness, my wife was getting tired, and her feet hurt… not to mention that she had to use the restroom.  But, I consoled her that we were almost there.

As we walked down the long and narrow road to the Catacombs of St. Sebastian, we both noticed that a fence appeared to our left and to our right.  My instincts took notice, because I realized that the fence didn’t have any way through.  We were forced to either continue on straight ahead, or go back.  But, I wasn’t alarmed, because we were almost there… and the Catacombs should be straight ahead.

The Honeymoon is Over

My wife’s problems were approaching a critical point, and she needed some facilities, and a place to rest her tired feet.  The walk to the Catacombs was longer than I expected.  We finally reached the end.  Little did we know that it wasn’t just the end, but it was a dead end!  The fences that accompanied us on our left and on our right came together in front of us.  We were trapped!  Upon realizing this, my wife understandably became upset, and I didn’t have a plan.  The only solution that I could think of was to go back the long way, and get around the fence.  However, I wasn’t brave enough to suggest this.  At this dead end, however, there was one thing that gave us hope.

Enclosed in a corner of our little trap, was a most beautiful grotto for Our Blessed Mother.  I suggested to my wife that we should kneel down and pray a rosary, for no other reason than just to present ourselves to Our Lady.  I didn’t know what to expect, because, like I said, I had no plan.  We both calmed down and prayed the rosary.  Immediately after we finished, a car pulled up to the gate (that we didn’t even realize was there) at the dead end of the fence.  A driver got out, went over to a keypad and opened the gate.   We ran over and waved our arms at the driver, who immediately understood, and let us through the gate.

We were both elated!  We made it out of the dead end, out of the trap.  We walked through the gate, and immediately after we got through, we could see the entrance to the Catacombs of St. Sebastian.  My wife had access to a restroom and a place to rest her tired feet.

The Lesson We Learned

We were on our way to the Catacombs, which is where the Saints and Martyrs reside.  We genuinley wanted to reach the Catacombs, but we were seduced by what looked like a short cut.  However, it turned out to be a dead end, and it demoralized us when we realized we had no way out.  Our Lady opened to door (that we didn’t even know was there), and upon walking through the door, we were greeted by the Saints and Martyrs in the catacombs, and rest for our weary bodies.

Our Lady taught me that She can open the door to Heaven for us… for Heaven is where the Saints and Martyrs reside.  Satan has laid a trap for us, and we walked right into it.  It might look hopeless now, but go to Our Lady, pray Her rosary daily, wear Her scapular and have the most tender affection for Our Blessed Mother.  She will open the gate of Heaven for Her children.  She will show us the way out of this trap, this dead end.  Our Lady, Help of Christians, pray for us!


Catacomb of Saint Sebastian

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Gate at the Ingresso Catacombe di S. Callisto (near the entrance of the Catacomb of St. Sebastian)

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Why “The Golden Sword”?

Hello Faithful Catholics!

The tagline for this website it taken from 1 Maccabees 2:20, I and my sons, and my brethren will obey the law of our fathers.  These words were spoken by the old priest, Mathathias, who was the only one to stand up against the evil that was being forced on the faithful Jews in Jerusalem, and in the surrounding area.  The Greeks were in charge in Judea, after Alexander the Great conquered the entire ancient world.  The ancient world was being Hellenized (adopting Greek customs and beliefs), and a large portion of Jews didn’t want to fall behind the times.  The showdown would come a bit later when Antiochus, the Greek king, sought to impose modern Greek customs and religion on all the Jews.  Antiochus was almost successful in his attempt, but God would not allow His people to be completely wiped out.

Where is the Golden Sword in the Old Testament

So, why the name “The Golden Sword”?  This whole website and the whole endeavor of the Maccabean Uprising project, is to demonstrate the astonishing parallels between the Old Testament and the actual history of the Catholic Church.  The name ‘Maccabean Uprising’ is taken from the very end of the historical books of the Old Testament.  The Books of 1 Maccabees and 2 Maccabees tell the same story of what happened to the Jews in the last Biblically recorded events before the First Coming of Christ.  It is in those Books that the story is told of the evil Antiochus IV Epiphances and the Maccabees, the faithful Jews who resisted him.  This is the story of how the Jews had their Temple taken over from the inside, and fought hard to bring the true Jewish religion back to the people.

The leader of the Jewish rebellion was Judas Maccabeus.  After his father Mathathias died, Judas became leader of the Maccabees.  Judas fought back against Antiochus, and his successors.  The Maccabees kept the Jewish religion alive in Judea, even if it was only a small remnant at first.

Before a very important battle, the Prophet Jeremiah appeared to Judas Maccabeus in a dream, and gave him a golden sword.  In 2 Maccabees 15:16, Jeremiah the prophet said “Take this holy sword a gift from God, wherewith thou shalt overthrow the adversaries of my people Israel.”

What Does it Mean in the New Testament

Like everything else in the Old Testament, the reference to the Golden Sword of Judas Maccabeus has a parallel in the history of the Catholic Church.  However, I AM NOT CLAIMING THAT THIS BLOG IS THAT PARALLEL.  I am not yet aware of any parallel between the Old Testament Golden Sword and the history of the Catholic Church, but that is only because God hasn’t demonstrated it yet, and that is most likely because we haven’t had time to look into it yet.

But, none the less, the fact that the whole history of Israel in the Old Testament is one big prefigurement for the actual history of the Catholic Church, this in itself is a Golden Sword!  For, even though this entire historical prefigurement is jaw dropping, its application is somewhat limited,  unless it is applied to our current times, and then the rubber hits the road.  As Faithful Catholics know deep down in their guts…. the Catholic Church is the middle of a great crisis right now.  How do we make sense of what is going on?   Just last year, I was not able to see what was going on. There are so many differing opinions out there.  Who do you listen to?  My answer came when I was made aware of the parallels between the Old Testament and Church history.  We are in the same kind of crisis now that the Maccabees were, at the end of the Old Testament.  And, just to underscore this point.. the rest of the Old Testament parallels the rest of the Church history…  and they both lead up to the same period, the Takeover of Our Temple’.

Although this blog post is small one, it is a set up for what is to come.  God willing, this website will be like a Golden Sword.  Please stay tuned, and put your seat belts on, because there is a lot of information that is coming.  I don’t want to rush it, and do it wrong.  So, piece by piece, this site will put the ‘bricks of prefigurement’ in place, until the complete picture is constructed.  I warn you now, that it won’t be easy for some of us to accept.  But, I can promise you that we only strive to be in line with the teachings of the Holy, Roman, Catholic Church.  May Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom, guide this endeavor and keep us from error.  And, may She protect us from Satan, and bring us all to Heaven.