The history of the Catholic Church is foreshadowed by the whole history of the Israelites in the Old Testament, event for event and in chronological order.  The implications of this are wonderful, impactful, far-reaching and beautiful!  As far as we can determine, this marvel has been hidden until now.  Therefore, we need help in researching, documenting, gathering and presenting this stunning act of God!  This information could be extremely useful in converting people to the Catholic Faith!    Deus Vult!

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We will email you everything we have pertaining to your choice, along with some tips and pointers.  The goal is to find the parallels between the Old Testament and the History of the Catholic Church.  Once you have made connections between the Old and New Testament, email them back to for inclusion on this website.  We would love to give you credit for your work on this website!

Important Note

God created Heaven and Earth and all things in six days (Genesis 1)God rests on the seventh day and creation of man (Genesis 2)The serpents temptation, fall of Adam and Eve (Genesis 3)History of Cain and Abel (Genesis 4)From Adam to Noah (Genesis 5)Man's sin is cause of the great flood (Genesis 6)Noah in the Ark, the flood covers the Earth (Genesis 7)The flood stops, Noah gets out of the Ark (Genesis 8)Never again a flood by water: The blessing of Shem and Japheth (Genesis 9)Genealogy of Noah's children (Genesis 10)Tower of Babel (Genesis 11)Call of Abram, go down to Egypt (Genesis 12)Abram and Lot part each other (Genesis 13)Victory of Abram: Melchisedech (Genesis 14)God promises descendants (Genesis 15)Abram marries Hagar, birth of Ishmael (Genesis 16)Circumcision (Genesis 17)Three angels entertained by Abram, foretell birth of Isaac (Genesis 18)Lot is delivered from Sodom, wife turned to salt (Genesis 19)Abraham goes to Gerara, Sarah is taken by King Abimelech (Genesis 20)Isaac if born (Genesis 21)Abraham is tested, Isaac not sacrificed (Genesis 22)Sarah's death and burial (Genesis 23)Rebekah to marry Isaac (Genesis 24)Isaac has Esau and Jacob (Genesis 25)Isaac lives in Gerara, King Abimelech leagues with Isaac (Genesis 26)Isaac gets Esau's blessing (Genesis 27)Jacob's ladder (Genesis 28)Jacob serves 7 years for Rachel, gets Lea (Genesis 29)Jacob's sons (Genesis 30)Jacob's departure, Laban's covenant (Genesis 31)Jacob wrestles with Angel (Genesis 32)Jacob and Esau meet (Genesis 33)Dina is raped, Sichemites are destroyed (Genesis 34)Jacob purges his family from idols, his name is changed to Israel (Genesis 35)Esau and his descendants (Genesis 36)Joseph's dream, sold into slavery (Genesis 37)The sons of Judah (Genesis 38)Joseph cast into prison: Potiphar's house (Genesis 39)Joseph interprets Pharaoh's servant's dreams (Genesis 40)Joseph and Pharaoh, Joseph made ruler of all Egypt (Genesis 41)Jacob sends 10 sons to Egypt to buy grain (Genesis 42)Benjamin goes to Egypt (Genesis 43)Joseph and his brothers in Egypt (Genesis 44)Joseph reveals himself to his brothers (Genesis 45)Israel goes down to Egypt (Genesis 46)Israel presented before Pharaoh, given land of Goshen (Genesis 47)Israel adopts Ephraim and Manasseh (Genesis 48)Jacob's prophetical blessings to his 12 sons (Genesis 49)Israel's death, Joseph's kindness to his brothers (Genesis 50)

Genealogy of Jesus Christ (Matthew 1)Offerings of three wise men (Matthew 2)Christ is baptized (Matthew 3)Christ fasts for 40 days and is tempted (Matthew 4)Christ's sermon on the mount (Matthew 5 -7)Christ cleanses the leper, and other miracles (Matthew 8)Christ heals one from palsy, calls Matthew, raises daughter of Jairus, gives sight to blind men, heals one possessed by the devil (Matthew 9)Christ sends out 12 apostles with power of miracles (Matthew 10)John sends his disciples to Christ (Matthew 11)Christ reproves the blindness of Pharisees (Matthew 12)Parable of sower and cockle, and of mustard seed (Matthew 13)Herod puts John to death, Christ walks on the sea, and feeds 5,000 (Matthew 14)Christ reproves the scribes, cures Canaanite woman, feeds 4,000 (Matthew 15)Christ refuses to show Pharisees a sign, Peter's confession, rebuked for opposing Christ's passion, must deny ourselves (Matthew 16)Transfiguration of Christ (Matthew 17)Teachings of Christ about the correction, forgiveness and the Church (Matthew 18)Christ teachings on marriage, and on following Him (Marriage 19)Parable of laborers in the vineyard, sons of Zebedee, cures 2 blind men (Matthew 20)Christ rides into Jerusalem, casts money changers out of Temple (Matthew 21)Parable of the marriage feast, tribute to Caesar, discussion with Sadducees and Pharisees. (Matthew 22)Hypocrisy of Pharisees, warns not to imitate ambition (Matthew 23)Christ foretells destruction of the Temple, signs before it and the last judgement, we must always watch (Matthew 24)Parable of the 10 virgins, parable of the talents, description of last judgement (Matthew 25)Jews conspire against Christ, treason of Judas and last supper, apprehension of Our Lord (Matthew 26)Passion of Christ (Matthew 27)The Resurrection of Christ, commission to his disciples (Matthew 28)Christ stills the seas (Mark 4)Christ casts out legion of devils (Mark 5)Conception of John the Baptist, Annunciation, canticle of Our Lady and Zachary (Luke 1)Birth of Christ, Presentation in the Temple and finding of Christ in the Temple (Luke 2)Parable of Good Samaritan (Luke 10)Christ teaches us to pray (Luke 11)Parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15)Parable of unjust steward (Luke 16)Ten Lepers (Luke 17)Pray always (Luke 18)Zacheus entertains Christ (Luke 19)The widow's mites (Luke 21)In the beginning was the Word (John 1)Wedding feast at Cana (John 2)Discourse with Nicodemus (John 3)Samaritan woman (John 4)Bread of Life discourse (John 6)Feast of Tabernacles (John 7)Woman taken in adultery (John 8)Christ, the door and good shepherd (John 10)Christ raises Lazarus (John 11)Christ and St. Peter by the sea: Feed My sheept (John 21)Matthias is chosen in place of Judas (Acts 1)Pentecost (Acts 2)Miracle upon lame man (Acts 3)Peter and John are apprehended, Church is increased (Acts 4)Ananias and Saphira (Acts 5)Ordination of 7 deacons, Zeal of Stephen (Acts 6)Stephen's martyrdom (Acts 7)Philip converts Samaritans, baptized Eunuch (Acts 8)Saul's conversion (Acts 9)Cornelius and Peter's vision (Acts 10)Peter defends receiving Gentiles into Church (Acts 11)Herod's persecution, Peter in prison (Acts 12)Paul and Barnabas sent forth (Acts 13)Paul in Iconium, he is stoned (Acts 14)Council of Jerusalem (Acts 15)Paul visits churches, scourged in Philipi (Acts 16)Paul preaches to Thessalonians (Acts 17)Paul founds the Church at Corinth (Acts 18)Paul establishes church at Ephesus (Acts 19)Paul passes through Macedonia and Greece (Acts 20)Paul goes up to Jerusalem, apprehended by the Jews in the Temple (Acts 21)Paul declares his conversion, privilege as Roman citizen. (Acts 22)Jews conspire Paul's death (Acts 23)Paul defends himself to Felix, preaches to him (Acts 24)Paul appeals to Caesar, King Agrippa desires to hear him (Acts 25)Paul gives account to Agrippa (Acts 26)Paul is shipped to Rome, and shipwreck (Acts 27)Paul arrives in Rome, conference with Jews (Acts 28)New Testament Epistles and Letters

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Aaron assists Moses (Exodus 3)Pharaoh refuses to let Israelites go (Exodus 5)Ten plagues (Exodus 4-11)Passover (Exodus 12-13)Pharaoh pursues Israelites (Exodus 14)Bitter waters at Mara (Exodus 15)God gives quail and mana (Exodus 16)Water from the rock (Exodus 17)God on Mt. Sinai (Exodus19)God's instructions (Exodus 26-30)Golden Calf (Exodus 32)Moses outside the camp (Exodus 33)Making Ark and Altar (Exodus 35-39)God fills tabernacle with His majesty (Exodus 40)Census of Israelites (Numbers 1-4)Unclean removed (Numbers 5)Law of Nazarites (Numbers 6)Candles, Trumpets, Etc. (Numbers 8-10)Mariam with leprosy (Numbers 12)Spies sent (Numbers 13)Korah's rebellion (Numbers 16-17)Red Heifer (Numbers 19)Death of Mariam and Aaron (Numbers 20)Bronze Serpent (Numbers 21)Story of Balaam (Numbers 22-24)Fornication with Moab (Numbers 25)Another Census (Numbers 26)Joshua succeeds Moses (Numbers 27)Vows and Oaths (Numbers 30)Ruben and Gad inheritance (Numbers 32)The land of Canaan (Numbers 34)Levite cities (Numbers 35)Forbidden to fight Edomites, Ammonites and Moabites (Deut 2)Victory of Og (Deut 3)Obey God's Law (Deut 6)Second tables of the Law (Deut 10)False prophets slain (Deut 13)7th Jubilee year (Deut 15)Refuge cities (Deut 19)Laws relating to war (Deut 20)Various laws (Deut 22-23)Laws on divorce (Deut 24)Covenant confirmed (Deut 29)Death of Moses (Deut 33-34)

Monasticism emergesSt. BenedictJulian the ApostateEmperor Theodosius the GreatTheotokosExtreme weather of 535 ADFirst Council of ConstantinopleCouncil of EphesusCouncil of ChalcedonSecond Council of ConstantinopleMoving capital of Western Empire to RavennaVisigoth invasionSt. Augustine – just war theoryWritings of St. Augustine in generalLife of Pope FabianFounding of Constantinople by ConstantineCouncil of NicaeaCouncil of Rome – Biblical CanonSt. Jerome’s VulgatePope St. Leo the GreatSack of Rome by VandalsPope Sylvester changes Old Jewish Sabbath to the Lord’s Day, and makes it Sunday.Constantine gives Lateran Palace to Bishop of RomeCodex Justinianus

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Joshua prepares to cross the Jordan (Joshua 1)Two spies to Jericho (Joshua 2)Jordan dried up (Joshua 3)12 Stones (Joshua 4)Manna stops (Joshua 5)Fall of Jericho (Joshua 6)Sin of Achan (Joshua 7)Hai burnt and destroyed (Joshua 8)Gabaonites (Joshua 9)Sun stands still one day (Joshua 10)Kings of the North (Joshua 11)List of slain kings (Joshua 12)Joshua divides the land (Joshua 13)Caleb's petition (Joshua 14)Divisions of the land (Joshua 15-22)Death of Joshua (Joshua 24)Judah defeats Canaanites (Judges 1)Angel reproves Israel (Judges 2)People fall into idolatry (Judges 3)Deborah and Barac (Judges 4)Oppressed by Midianites (Judges 6)Story of Gideon (Judges 7-8)Abimelech (Judges 9)Thola and Jair (Judges 10)Jephte (Judges 11-12)Sampson (Judges 13-16)Micah's idol (Judges 17-18)Concubine and Benjaminites (Judges 19-21)Story of Ruth (Ruth 1-4)Anna and Samuel (1 Kings 1)Samuel and Eli (1 Kings 3)Ark is taken (1 Kings 4)Ark in Philistia (1 Kings 5)Ark in Bethsames (1 Kings 6)Ark in Cariathiarim (1 Kings 7)Samuel is old (1 Kings 8)Saul and his asses (1 Kings 9)

Muslims conquer Christian Middle EastPope St. Gregory the GreatMuslims invade SpainLombards abolish Byzantine rule in ItalyEarly Viking raids on ChristiansSt. BonifaceSt Willibrord in NeterlandsMassacre in ThessolonicaSt. AmbroseSynod of WhitbyJohn MaronBelisarius recaptures RomeCorpus Iuris CivilisPope Symmachus - elections of popesBarbarian Tribes - generalEarly Heresies - generalSt. Cyril drives out Jews - AlexandriaA mob of Christians in Alexandria murder HypatiaNestoriusSt. Patrick in IrelandTheodosian CodeSynod of Rome - Papal elections

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Saul is anointed (1 Kings 10)Saul defeats Ammonites (1 Kings 11)Bad to ask for a king (1 Kings 12)War between Saul and Philistines (1 Kings 13)Jonathan attacks Philistines (1 Kings 14)Saul spares Amalec (1 Kings 15)Samuel anoints David (1 Kings 16)David and Goliath (1 Kings 17)Friendship of Jonathan and David (1 Kings 18)Saul tries to kill David (1 Kings 19)David sent away by Jonathan (1 Kings 20)David eats the holy bread (1 Kings 21)David flees to desert (1 Kings 23)David and Saul in cave (1 Kings 24)Death of Samuel (1 Kings 25)David takes Saul's spear (1 Kings 26)David and King of Geth (1 Kings 27)Saul and the witch (1 Kings 28)David going with Philistines (1 Kings 29)David and Amalekites (1 Kings 30)Death of Saul (1 Kings 31)David mourns for Saul (2 Kings 1)David anointed King of Judah (2 Kings 2)Abner slain by Joab (2 Kings 3)Isboseth murdered (2 Kings 4)David is anointed king of Israel (2 Kings 5)David fetches the Ark (2 Kings 6)David wants to build Temple (2 Kings 7)David's victories (2 Kings 8)Ammonites abuse David's ambassadors (2 Kings 10)David and Bathsheeba (2 Kings 11)Nathan's parable to David (2 Kings 12)Amnon and Thamar (2 Kings 13)Story of Absalom (2 Kings 14-18)David mourns Absalom (2 Kings 19)Seba's rebellion (2 Kings 20)Famine, 7 crucified, war with Philistines (2 Kings 21)David's psalm of thanksgiving (2 Kings 22)Last words of David (2 Kings 23)Plague of David (2 Kings 24)Abisag the Sunamitess (3 Kings 1)David dies (3 Kings 2)Solomon marries Pharaoh's daughter (3 Kings 3)Solomon's riches (3 Kings 4)Hiram king of Tyre (3 Kings 5)Building of the Temple (3 Kings 6)Solomon's palace (3 Kings 7)Dedication of the Temple (3 Kings 8)Lord appears again to Solomon (3 Kings 9)Queen of Sheeba (3 Kings 10)Solomon falls into idolatry (3 Kings 11)Solomon dies (3 Kings 11)

Investiture controversyAvignon papacyFall of ConstantinopleByzantine–Sasanian WarOfficial Christian ByzantiumRise of Islam - threat to ByzantiumIconoclasm in ByzantiumByzantine wars against ArabsByzantine wars against BulgariaEast - West schism (great schism)Komnenian dynasty and the crusadersRise of CharlemagneHoly Roman EmpireBattle of ToursMassacre of the Latins in ConstantinopleSack of Constantinople of 1204Despotate of the MoreaEmperor Frederick IIKnights TemplarConcordat of WormsAbuse of SimonySpanish InquisitionSt. DominicSt. Thomas AquinasSts. Cyril and MethodiusRise of universitiesThe RenaissanceBuilding St. Peter's BasilicaReconquistaWestern Schism

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Rehoboam alienates people (3 Kings 12)Jeroboam made king of 10 tribes (3 Kings 12)Jeroboam and the prophet (3 Kings 13)Ahias and death of family of Jeroboam (3 Kings 14)Abiam and Asa (3 Kings 15)Jehu and Baasa (3 Kings 16)Ela slain by Zambri (3 Kings 16)Elijah stops rain (3 Kings 17)Elijah on Mt. Carmel (3 Kings 18)Elijah on Mt. Horeb (3 Kings 19)Assyrians besiege Samaria (3 Kings 20)Naboth's vineyard (3 Kings 21)Ahaziah succeeds Ahab (3 Kings 22)Elijah foretells death of Ahaziah (4 Kings 1)Elisha and Elijah (4 Kings 2)Israel, Judah and Edom against Moab (4 Kings 3)Miracles of Elisha (4 Kings 4)Naaman the Assyrian is cleansed (4 Kings 5)Assyrians besiege Samaria (4 Kings 6)Elisha and great plenty (4 Kings 7)Jehoram's wicked reign (4 Kings 8)Jehu anointed King of Israel (4 Kings 9)Jehu destroys house of Ahab (4 Kings 10)Death of Athalia, Jehoash is made king (4 Kings 11)The Temple is repaired (4 Kings 12)Hazael is bought off from attacking Jerusalem (4 Kings 12)Last acts of Elisha (4 Kings 13)Amaziah reigns in Judah (4 Kings 14)Of the last kings of Israel (4 Kings 15)Reign of Ahaz of Judah (4 Kings 16)Assyrian captivity (4 Kings 17)Reign of Hezekiah (4 Kings 18)Angel slays Assyrians (4 Kings 19)Hezekiah sun dial miracle (4 Kings 20)Wickedness of Manesseh (4 Kings 21)King Josiah repairs the Temple (4 Kings 22)Josiah reads the law (4 Kings 23)Josiah slain by Pharaoh Necho (4 Kings 23)Reign of Jehoikim, Jehoahaz and Zedekiah (4 Kings 24)Book of Tobit

Martin LutherOther Protestant Rebels (Zwingli, Calvin, etc)Europe wars of religionPeace of WestphaliaSt. Francis De SalesPope St. Pius VCouncil of TrentBattle of LepantoSiege of Vienna 1683Ottoman Turk conquest"Sick man of Europe"King Henry VIIIQueen ElizabethAge of explorationSir Francis Drake, Spanish armadaWar of Spanish successionAge of 'enlightenment'Galileo affairGregorian calendar of 1582Franco-Ottoman allianceCopernicus - Tycho BraheFrancis I of FranceMary I of EnglandHabsburg Spain declares bankruptcy'Regnans in Excelsis' Pope St. Pius VSt. John of the CrossSt. Theresa of AvilaEdict of NantesKing James "Bible"Flight of the Earls (Ireland)Battle of Boyne (Ireland)Prophecy of Popes - St. Malachy - published in 1595French Revolution

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Book of JeremiahBook of EzekielBook of BaruchNebuchadnezzar besieges Jerusalem (4 Kings 25)Jews taken into Babylon (4 Kings 25)Daniel is taken to king's court (Daniel 1)Refuses to eat profane meat (Daniel 1)Daniel declares dream of Nebuchadnezzar (Daniel 2)Nebuchadnezzar's golden idol (Daniel 3)Nubuchadnezzar's tree dream (Daniel 4)Exile of Nebuchadnezzar (Daniel 4)Handwriting on the wall (Daniel 5)Daniel and the lion's den (Daniel 6)Susanna and the two elders (Daniel 13)Babylonian serpent god (Daniel 14)

Rise of NapoleonExile on ElbaNapoleon and the ChurchBattles of NapoleonCongress of ViennaFrench restore monarchy in 1823Abolition of slaveryKarl MarxPrussians invade FranceSpoliation of the Papal StatesVision of Pope Leo XIIIPope St. Pius XThe Dreyfus affairIndustrial revolutionBolshevik revolution of 1917Our Lady of FatimaWorld War ISt. John BoscoFreemasonry in EuropeSuppression of the JesuitsAlta VenditaDogma of the Immaculate ConceptionRerum novarum (of new things)St. Therese of LisieuxFirst published book of canon lawPersecution in MexicoPersecution in Soviet Union

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Decree of Cyrus (1 Ezra 1)Number of those who return (1 Ezra 2)Foundations of Temple laid (1 Ezra 3)Samaritans hinder rebuilding (1 Ezra 4)Strive to rebuild Temple (1 Ezra 5)King Darius favors rebuilding Temple (1 Ezra 6)Ezra goes to Jerusalem to teach (1 Ezra 7)Ezra's fast, holy vessels to Temple (1 Ezra 8)Ezra mourns for the transgressions of the people (1 Ezra 9)Ezra against intermarrying, people put away strange wives (1 Ezra 10)Nehemiah prays to God (2 Ezra 1)Nehemiah comes to Jerusalem (2 Ezra 2)Begin to build walls of Jerusalem (2 Ezra 3)Enemies oppose walls, to no avail (2 Ezra 4)Nehemiah blames rich for oppressing the poor (2 Ezra 5)Nehemiah finishes the walls (2 Ezra 6)Nehemiah appoints watchmen (2 Ezra 7)Ezra reads the law (2 Ezra 8)Feast of Tabernacles (2 Ezra 8)Repent with sackcloth and ashes (2 Ezra 9)Names of those in Covenant (2 Ezra 10)Inhabitants of Jerusalem (2 Ezra 11)Succession of high priests (2 Ezra 12)Diverse abuses are reformed (2 Ezra 13)

Spanish Civil WarAnti-ClericalismCristero WarCanon Law and Italian Marriage LawsCatholic Social TeachingOpposition to Lateran Treaty

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Hellenizers, Antiochus (1 Maccabees 1)Zeal and Success of Mathathias (1 Maccabees 2)Judas succeeds his father, and overthrows Apollonius and Seron. A great army approaches from Syria. Judas prepares for battle by prayer and fasting. (1 Maccabees 3)Judas defeats the kings armies. Lysias comes out against Judas, but is defeated. Judas cleanses the Temple, sets up a new altar and fortifies the sanctuary. (1 Maccabees 4)Judas and brothers attack the enemies of their country and deliver them that were distressed. Josephus and Azarias, attempting to fight against the orders of Judas, are defeated. (1 Maccabees 5)The fruitless repentance and death of Antiochus. his son comes against Judas with a large army. He besieges Jerusalem, but at last, makes peace with the Jews. (1 Maccabees 6)Demetrius is made Greek king, and sends Bacchides and Alcimus to priest to Judea, and after them, Nicanor, who is slain by Judas, along with all his army. (1 Maccabees 7)Judas makes an agreement with the Romans (1 Maccabees 8)Bacchides is sent again to Judea. Judas fights him with only 800 men, and is slain. Jonathan succeeds Judas, and revenges the murder of his brother, John. Bacchides is forced to stop the the siege and leave the country. (1 Maccabees 9)Alexander Bales sets himself up as king. Both he and Demetrius seek to make Jonathan their friend. Alexander kills Demetrius in battle and honors Jonathan. (1 Maccabees 10)Ptolemy invades the kingdom of Alexander. Antiochus the younger favors Jonathan. (1 Maccabees 11)Jonathan renews his league with the Romans. He is deceived and made prisoner by Tryphon. (1 Maccabees 12)Simon is made captain general. Jonathan is slain by Tryphon. Simon is favored by Demetrius, he takes Gaza and the castle of Jerusalem. (1 Maccabees 13)Demetrius is taken by the king of Persia. Judea flourishes under the government of Simon. (1 Maccabees 14)Antiochus son of Demetrius honors Simon. The Romans write to many nations in favor of the Jews. Antiochus quarrels with Simon, and sends troops to annoy him. (1 Maccabees 15)The sons of Simon defeat the troops of Antiochus. Simon with his two sons, are treacherously murdered by Ptolemy, his son in law. (1 Maccabees 16)

Bishop Williamson removed from SSPXSSPX gets "excommunications" lifted by Benedict XVISSPX grows worldwideSSPX builds new seminary in VirginiaMany Novus Ordo clergy make negative statements against SSPXArchbishop Lefebvre removes Sedevacantist American priests.SSPV forms in AmericaThe Traditional Catholic 'movement' in generalSSPX almost goes back to Rome under Benedict XVI, but pulls backThe "excommunication" of Archbishop LefebvreEcclesia Dei and the Indult by John Paul II