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Brochures & Handouts

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Tri-Fold  9" x 16" High Definition Timeline Summary Brochure


A printable color brochure that gives a broad overview of the timeline of parallels between Church history and the Old Testament from beginning to end.  The back side gives a summary of each of the pictured parallels on the front.


File size: 17 MB    PDF

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Tri-Fold  9" x16" High Definition "70 Weeks" Prophecy Fulfillment

A printable color brochure summarizing the breathtaking fulfillment, in Catholic Church history, of the "Prophecy of the 70 Weeks" from Daniel 9.  It starts with the decree of Pope Nicholas V to rebuild Rome in 1447, going forward 69 "weeks of years" until 1930, when Mussolini rebuilds Rome in the "straightness of times", and finally coming to the mid point of the "final week" when the "Novus Ordo" rite is mandated by Paul VI.

File size: 12 MB    PDF

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Tri-Fold  9" x 16" High Definition Book of the Apocalypse Brochure

A printable color brochure showing the congruence of the "final week" from the "70 Weeks of Years" prophecy in Daniel 9 with the period of the 7 Kings from the Book of the Apocalypse, chapter 17.  Also included on the brochure is the "Two Witnesses" as also fulfilled in the events surrounding the implementation of the Novus Ordo rite, and the Traditional Catholic CREDO pilgrimage made by Archbishop Lefebvre to Rome on May 26th, 1975.  Finally included also is the fulfillment of the "Two Horned Lamb" from the Book of Apocalypse,  chapter 13.


File size: 17.5 MB    PDF

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Tri-Fold  9" x16"  High Definition Passion of the Catholic Church


This brochure shows the parallels between the Passion of Our Lord and the "Passion of the Catholic Church".  Because the Church is the Mystical Body of Christ, and because as Christ goes, so goes the Church, then it follows that the Church would also suffer Her Passion.  This brochure shows that the Passion of the Church took place in the context of Vatican II and the Novus Rite of Paul VI. 

See the video below for more details.

File size: 6.7 MB    PDF

8.5"  x11"   High Definition Presentation Folder Step Inserts

Printable step inserts for the presentation folder (See below).  Simply print them, then cut on the indicated dotted lines, then assemble in the presentation folder pocket.  A total of 8 inserts, each one gives highlights from one of the color coded time periods.


File size: 19.5 MB    PDF

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Step Inserts

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Folder Tempate

9" x12"  High Definition Presentation Folder

A high definition graphic for the front, back and inside of a presentation folder template.  Go to (click here for the link)  and upload this graphic into the folder template.  Fill up the folder with the "step inserts" (see above) , as well as the above brochures.  See the video below for more details.

File size: 7.2 MB    PDF

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