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Charlemagne Prefigured

Knights Templar.jpg

Knights Templar Prefigured

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Colorful and descriptive summary of the chronological parallels between the history of the Catholic Church and the history of Israel in the Old Testament.


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The parallels between Church history and Old Testament history shed new light on the prophecy of the 70 Weeks of Years from the Book of Daniel.  See a fulfillment in Church history!

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The fulfillment of the 70 Weeks of Years in the context of the Novus Ordo and Vatican II in turn sheds a tremendous amount of light onto passages of the Book of the Apocalypse.

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As goes Our Lord, so goes His Church.  Our Lord's Passion and Death is mirrored by the Passion of the Church and the Tridentine Mass, in the context of Vatican II and the Novus Ordo rite.

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God’s people battle back their enemies and establish a great dynasty and kingdom to protect themselves.  They grow into their golden era, but corruption sets in.

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Leonid Dynasty Prefigured by the Anointing of King Saul

1 Byzantine Emperors over all Christendo
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Persian Wars Prefigured by Saul's Wars

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Leo III Excommunicated Prefigured by the Rejection of King Saul by Samuel

3 Leo III excommunicated_00000.jpg
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Battle of Tours Prefigured by David and Goliath

4 Battle of Tours_00000.jpg
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Crowning of Charlemagne Prefigured by the Anointing of King David

5 Charlemange crowned_00000.jpg
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Carolingians Prefigured by King David

6 Charlemagne - Carolingians_00000.jpg
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Battle of Lechfeld Prefigured by David's Success in King Saul's Army

7 Battle of Lechfeld_00000.jpg
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Otto II and Theofanu Prefigured by David and Michol

8 Theophanu_00000.jpg
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Schism of 1054 Prefigured by the Separation of David and Saul

9 Schism of 1054_00000.jpg
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Battle of Manzikert Prefigured by the Battle of Gilboa

9.1 Battle of Manzikert_00000.jpg
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Crusades Prefigured by the Wars of King David

9.2 Crusades_00000.jpg
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Crusading Orders Prefigured by David's Mighty Men

9.21 Crusading Orders_00000.jpg
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Sack of Constantinople Prefigured by the Murder of Ishbosheth

9.22 sack of Constantinople_00000.jpg
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Duns Scotus Prefigured by Uzzah Touching the Ark

9.23 Duns Scotus_00000.jpg
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Knights Templar Prefigured by Uriah the Hittite

9.24 Betrayal of Knights Templar_00000.j
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St. Catherine of Sienna Prefigured by Nathan the Prophet

9.25 St. Catherine of Siena_00000.jpg
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Black Death Prefigured by the Plague of King David

9.26 Bubonic Plague_00000.jpg
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England Invades France Prefigured by Amnon and Thamar

9.26 Joan of Ark_00000.jpg
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Papal Schism Prefigured by Absalom on David's Throne

9.27 Papal Schism_00000.jpg
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Fall of Constantinople Prefigured by the Death of Saul's Descendants

9.29 Fall of Constantinople_00000.jpg
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Jan Hus' Rebellion Prefigured by Seba's Rebellion

9.28 Jan Hus_00000.jpg
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Despotate of Morea Prefigured by Mephibosheth

9.291 Despotate of Morea_00000.jpg
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Renaissance Prefigured by the Reign of King Solomon

9.292 Renaissance_00000.jpg
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Building of St. Peter's Basilica Prefigured by the building of Solomon's Temple

9.293 St. Peter's_00000.jpg
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