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Timeline Summary of Parallels

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Chronological Geographical Parallels

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2 Hour Detailed Presenation

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Catholic Church History Prefigured by the History of Israel in the Old Testament

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The Omnipotence of God is infinite!  In a small demonstration of His power, it seems that He has caused the entire history of the Catholic Church to be prefigured by the entire history of Israel in the Old Testament.  He has been doing this since the very beginning, and in the same chronological order!

This act of God is Divine Poetry, using our history as His pen and paper.  The Maccabean Uprising project seeks to demonstrate this Divine phenomena, through our poor online efforts.

The above is an example of the graphical representation of Church history / Old Testament parallels to be found under the CHURCH HISTORY" tab of this website.

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In order to make such a great amount of history manageable, we have broken down Church history and the Old Testament into color-coded, chronologically paralleled time periods.  You can find these time periods under the "CHURCH HISTORY" tab of this website.

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