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St. Patrick Prefigured

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Pope St. Gregory Prefigured

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St. Francis Prefigured

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St. Clotilda Prefigured

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St. Margaret Mary Prefigured

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St. Peter Prefigured

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St. Jerome Prefigured

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St. Anthony Prfigured

The Saints Prefigured in the Old Testament

The Saints are prefigured by great and holy men and women of the Old Testament

St. Paul Prefigured by the Prophet Jonas

St. Paul_00000.jpg
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Both were sent to the gentiles.  St. Paul was from Tarsus and Jonas was trying to flee to Tarsus.  Both had an incident at sea... and much much more! 

St. Francis of Assisi Prefigured by King Solomon

St. Francis_00000.jpg
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King Solomon asked for wisdom from God and was given wealth.  St. Francis renounced his wealth and was given Divine wisdom.  Both were great builders and extended the Kingdom of God... and much more.

St. Anthony of Padua Prefigured by the Prophet Elias

St. Anthony_00000.jpg
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Both were sent to the north, to the apostates.  Elias was a prophet to the apostate Israelites and St. Anthony was sent to preach to the Cathars in northern Italy.  Both were known for their preaching.  Both raised children from the dead... and much more.

Pope St. Gregory the Great Prefigured by King Ezekias

Pope St. Gregory the Great_00000.jpg
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Both were well-born young leaders.  During both their reigns, an angel of God came to defend God's people at a very crucial moment.  Both payed enemies not to attack the Sacred city (Jerusalem and Rome).  Both enriched their respective Sacred Liturgies and much more.

St. Peter Prefigured by Joseph

Joseph St. Peter_00000.jpg
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Both had their named changed by the king (Our Lord and Pharaoh).  Both were given the highest authority.  Both were chosen over the other 11 brothers (apostles).  Both spent time in prison and both led their people to a new land which eventually persecuted them. 

St. Clotilda and Clovis Prefigured by Ruth and Boaz

Clovis and St. Clotilda_00000.jpg
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The marriage and love of Ruth and Boaz led to the birth of King David and the great Davidic Kingdom.  The marriage and love of Clovis and St. Clotilda led to the rise of Charlemagne and the great Holy Roman Empire.  Ruth converted and so did Clovis, having a huge impact on their respective salvation histories.

St. Francis DeSales Prefigured by the Prophet Elisha

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Both renounced the wealth that their father had for them as the first born son.  Both went to the capital city of the apostate people.  Both were bald... and much more!

Sacred Heart Devotion Prefigured by Isaiah the Prophet

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Isaias was purified with a burning coal from the Heavenly altar.  St. Margaret Mary was purified with Divine fire of Our Lord's Sacred Heart.  Both lived in the time of the "divided kingdom" and both focused on the sufferings of Christ.  Isaias wrote the "suffering servant" prophecy and St. Margaret specifically emulated Christ as the "Suffering Servant".  Plus much more.

St. Jerome Prefigured by Samson

St. Jerome_00000.jpg
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St. Jerome was a Church Father and Samson was a Judge.  (see information in the "ORANGE" period for the parallels between them.  Both of them used their tempers against the enemies of God (St. Jerome's was manifest in his writings).  Both had specific incidents with lions, and so much more!

St. Philomena Prefigured by the Dry Bones of Ezekiel

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God's people had their land and their king taken from them.  They were both exiles in a new land, although after the French Revolution Catholics were exiles in their own land.  At this time, God raised up dry bones from the sepulcher to give Hope and Faith back to His people.

Pope St. Pius V Prefigured by King Hezekiah

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God sent this great leader to His people at a vital time when the enemies of God's people were threatening to conquer the kingdom.  They both purified and anchored the sacred liturgy.  Both gave more water to the holy city (Jerusalem and Rome) by use of channels or aqueducts... and so much more.

St. Jean Viennay Prefigured by the Prophet Ezekiel

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Both were taken away by the conquering empire before they could become priests. Both deprived themselves of food and sleep for their people's welfare.  Both were sent to the stiff necked and hard hearted.... and so much more.

St. John Bosco Prefigured by the Prophet Daniel

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Both were given the gift by God to see the future through prophetic dreams.  Daniel was orphaned and taken away as a child.  He was put in a Babylonian school. St. John Bosco started a refuge.  Both were respected by their pagan kings (Nebuchadnezzar and Victor Emmanuel II)... and so much more. 

Pope St. Pius X / Modernism Prefigured by Daniel in the Lion's Den

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Daniel was told not to pray to his God but refused to obey.  The king's servants started a spy ring to catch Daniel.  The modernists were told not to spread modernism in the Church.  Pope St. Pius X started a spy ring to catch any modernists who were not obeying.  So much more!

St. Patrick Prefigured by Moses

St. Patrick_00000.jpg
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Both were shepherds while they were in exile.  Both went back again to their people to free them from slavery (St. Patrick returned to Ireland to free them from the slavery of paganism).  Both climbed a mountain for 40 days, both stopped the serpents and so much more!

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