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Coronavirus Lockdown Prefigured

Current Events Prefigured

The Parallels Between Church History and the Old Testament Continue to Our Present Day

Current Events are prefigured by the time "in between" the Old Testament and the New Testament.  Formally and definitively speaking, the New Testament started with the coming of Christ.  However, the Old Testament "system" was in place and operating all the way until 70 AD when the Temple was destroyed by the Romans.


Thus we can see in the below chart that this "interim" time is also paralleled in our current times.  However, in our times, it was not Christ who came and changed the Holy Religion and instituted a new Sacrifice (the Holy Mass), but instead it was antichrist who came and did the inverse. 

Thus, the parallels for current events technically come from the beginning of the New Testament (any time after 1AD) but they can also be viewed as Old Testament parallels because of this "interim" period.

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Brexit Prefigured by Boudica's Revolt

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The Roman Empire didn't want to let go of their holdings in Britain.  Boudica's revolt ended with a battle that trapped the British in their own self imposed border.

The European Union did not want the United Kingdom to leave.  The EU trapped the UK in deadlock by using the Northern Irish border issue.  Plus much more!

Italian Populism Prefigured by the Jewish Revolt

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The Romans did not a revolt to seem successful because they knew it would inspire other peoples to revolt against the Roman Empire.  The Jews revolted next, and stopped grain shipments from North Africa headed to Rome. 

The EU did not want a country to leave because they knew it would inspire other countries to seek independence.  The 2018 Italian general elections was a political revolt against the EU and elites.  The new populist government stopped migrant ships from North Africa from reaching Rome.  Plus, much more!

Covid-19 Prefigured by the Siege of Jerusalem

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Destruction of St. Peter's (Vatican) Prefigured by the Destruction of the Jewish Temple by the Romans

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