Old Testament/Church History Parallels – Expanded Version

122 page book (download link)

32 MB  –  PDF

A 122 page booklet, the most comprehensive to date.  This booklet contains information that has not yet been presented on our website or YouTube channel.  This book contains detailed timelines for each period of history, and if you are a skeptic about this hypothesis, then this book should convince you.

New Testament / Old Testament Booklet of Parallels

History of the Church prefigured by the History of Israel

25 MB  –  PDF

A 73 page booklet with images and a basic description of the New Testament and Old Testament paralleled timelines.  Plus, several Saints and Marian Apparitions that are ‘Off-timeline’ parallels with Old Testament counterparts.

Children’s Book of Church History and The Old Testament

Children’s Book

6 MB – PDF

A 26 page children’s book that portrays the basic history of Israel in the Old Testament and the history of the Church, in a side by side manner.  Using classical art and simple language, this booklet will introduce both the Church’s history and the Old Testament in an ‘easy to understand’ way.